What is the purpose of ISOO CUI registry?

What is the purpose of ISOO CUI registry?

What is breach of privacy?

PHI is health information in any form, including physical records, electronic records, or spoken information. Therefore, PHI includes health records, health histories, lab test results, and medical bills. Essentially, all health information is considered PHI when it includes individual identifiers.

Are initials considered PHI?

The major difference between PHI and PII is that PII is a legal definition – i.e. PII is anything that could be used to uniquely identify an individual. PHI is a subset of PII in that a medical record could be used to identify a person – especially if the disease or condition is rare enough

PII includes an identification number of any individual, including credit card number, passport number, driving license number, patient identification number or social security number. PII also includes the name of individuals, including mother’s maiden name, any alias used or their own maiden name

What is Phi PII PCI?

The CUI Registry is a catalogue of what the Executive branch should be protecting. The CUI Registry identifies all approved CUI categories and subcategories , provides general descriptions for each, identifies the basis for controls, establishes markings, and includes guidance on handling procedures.

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