What is the name of Cu C2H3O2 2?

What is the name of Cu C2H3O2 2?

Bleach is highly alkaline and the zinc core of pennies dissolves readily in alkaline materials. Also, bleach is very high in chlorides, which are devastating corrosion-wise for most metals. Vinegar is an acid which cannot dissolve copper but can dissolve the zinc core of pennies.

Pour your distilled white vinegar into your shallow bowl. There should be enough vinegar to completely cover your coins. Gently place your coin or coins into the vinegar. Let your coins sit for at least 30 minutes.

Copper oxide forms when the copper is oxidized by its reaction with oxygen in the air. The combination of vinegar (a weak solution of acetic acid), and table salt (sodium chloride) helps to dissolve the copper oxide, and also forms the blue copper(II) ion, which is soluble in water. The penny becomes shiny again!

What is copper acetate used for?

What is the formula for copper I acetate?

Copper(II) Acetate Cu

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