What is the molecular geometry of PCl4 -?

What is the molecular geometry of PCl4 -?

Is CU nh3 4 soluble in water?

Why does ammonia react with Cu 2?

Since the OH- donates an electron pair we call it a Lewis base. As an example of a reaction not described by the Bronsted-Lowry definition, Al3+ in water is a Lewis acid. It reacts with water to form an aqua complex: the Al3+ accepts an electron pair from water molecules with the water acting as a Lewis base.

Why Cu2+ is a Lewis acid?

PCl5 has empty d orbital in valence shell so that it can accept a pair of electrons (from a Lewis base). So PCl5 can act as a Lewis acid.

Which is more reactive, PCL3 or PCL5? Thanks for the a2a. PCl5 will be more reactive than PCl3 because the oxidation state of phosphorus in PCl5 is +5 whreas in PCl3 is +3. Therefore the replulsive force between the bonds is greater in PCl5 than in PCl3 and hence is more reactive.

Does PCl5 obey the octet rule?

The Lewis structure for this anion is illustrated below. In reference to the above structure, the central P atom is surrounded by five electron groups – one lone pair and four single bonds. Hence, PCl−4 has a trigonal bipyramidal electron pair geometry.

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