What is the meaning of mivida?

What is the meaning of mivida?

What does Mi marido mean in Spanish?

What does Amor de Mi Vida mean in English?

What do you call a Hispanic girlfriend?

What does it mean when a girl says Mi Corazon?

Names for Lovers

English Translation. my soul.

Hi! There are just, as you stated, terms of endearment. They can be used to address your significant other or a loved friend (male and female), siblings, small children, your own children… These expressions are exactly as: Sweetie, honey, hon, darling…

my heart
Mi corazón means “my heart,” and it’s a nice expression of your love while still being relatively casual. You can also use corazón on its own. Keep reading to see another way to use this term of endearment! These next words are used loosely with children in most Spanish-speaking countries.

my life. More meanings for ¡Mi vida! My pretty!

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