What is the meaning of MA Salam?

What is the meaning of MA Salam?

What is a fancy word for sleep?

The simplest answer is Good morning. If someone wish you good morning , best reply is wish him/her back with same phrase. However, in the Industry, it has become the trend to reply with the word morning . In this case, it shows you are formally connect to that person.

Yes, and saying just “Morning!” is a common shortening. It’s more informal than the full “Good morning” and usually between people who know each other already. Even if you don’t happen to know the other person, saying only “Morning” is socially acceptable (and has been for a long time).

How do you write Ma Salama in Arabic?

Ma-Salaam مع السلامة = Goodbye. Goodbye is used in Arabic, farewell. Farewell is used in Arabic. The word masalam is used in Arabic meaning goodbye,farewell.

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