What is the longest name for a 2D shape?

What is the longest name for a 2D shape?

To name a 2D shape we simply count how many sides or corners it has. A side is a straight line in between two corners of a shape. A corner is where two sides meet. A shape is made when the sides form an enclosure. The length of all the sides added together is called the perimeter.

Any 2D shape with six corners or six sides is called a hexagon. Again the shape in the centre of this image is a regular hexagon because all of its six sides are equal. The other 2D shapes around the outside are called irregular hexagons because they do not have six sides that are all the same length.

A 2D shape which has one pair of parallel sides of different lengths and a pair of opposite sides of equal length. Triangle A 2D shape with 3 sides and 3 corners. There are different types of triangles e.g. equilateral, isosceles, scalene, right angled. A ‘corner’ or corners on a 3D object.

A shape or a figure that has a length and a breadth only is a 2D shape. The sides are made of straight or curved lines. They can have any number of sides.

The only dimension any object can have is length, because there aren’t any other dimensions to accomodate width or height. So the only possible objects in 1D are points, which are 0D, and lines, which are 1D. A polygon is bounded by line segments, which are 1D.

2D shapes are shapes with two dimensions, such as width and height. An example of a 2D shape is a rectangle or a circle. 2D shapes are flat and cannot be physically held, because they have no depth; a 2D shape is completely flat.

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