What is the inverse of a negative log?

What is the inverse of a negative log?

This error usually occurs when a package has not been loaded into R via library, so R does not know where to find the specified function. It’s a good habit to use the library functions on all of the packages you will be using in the top R chunk in your R Markdown file, which is usually given the chunk name setup.

R’s basic data types are character, numeric, integer, complex, and logical. R’s basic data structures include the vector, list, matrix, data frame, and factors.

In R, log is the natural logarithm. In calculators, log usually means base 10 logarithm. To achieve that in R you can use the log10 function. log(5) ## [1] 1.609438 log10 ## [1] 0.69897(5) As for your formula, it seems correct, since log is the natural logarithm.

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Can log be Cancelled on both sides?

log (1/a) = -log a means that the logarithm of 1 divided by some number is equal to the negative logarithm of that number. (This is the exactly the opposite of the rule governing exponents where a number raised to a negative number is equal to 1 divided by that number raised to that power.)

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