What is the inside diameter of a Pandora bead?

What is the inside diameter of a Pandora bead?

Pandora charms have holes through the centres that contain thread that matches the bracelets, allowing the wearer to screw the charms onto the bracelets. To add a charm, gently screw it onto the bracelet at the open end. Slide the charm approximately a third of the way along the bracelet before it stops.

BALI SILVER BEADS FITS PANDORA, CHAMILIA, BIAGI & TROLL. The beads which have 5mm hole and will fit all the European bracelets. Pandora beads need to have 4.6mm stringing holes while Trollbeads holes are 4mm. Therefore beads which fit Pandora will also fit Chamilia, Biagi, and Trollbeads systems.

The Pandora brand gained its popularity due to its advantages over other brands. The european charms fit Pandora bracelet have first-class quality. All of them are made by professionals by hand. Pandora bracelets are also versatile. They are able to complement any image.

Measure your wrist with a piece of string, and then measure that string against a ruler. Then, add either 1 inch or 2-3 centimetres to your wrist measurement. This is your bracelet size. i.e. if your wrist measures 16cm, you should be looking at either the 18cm or 19cm Pandora bracelet.

They also offer complete charm bracelets and sets of charms as well. The charms are from SOUFEEL which is 925 sterling silver and can fit Pandora or Chamilia bracelets. By comparison, SOUFEEL offers a lower price and good quality. For her bracelet, she chose the 925 Sterling Silver Basic Bracelet.

The ESSENCE COLLECTION bracelet has a diameter of approximately 1.5 mm, where as the Moments bracelet has a diameter of approximately 3 mm.

The most popular bracelet sizes are the 18cm/7.1″ and 19cm/7.5″ variations – I wear a 19cm Pandora bracelet myself. There are several methods of finding out the right Pandora bracelet size for you.

Please bear in mind that if you have had your bracelet for a while (1 year+) it has possibly grown 1 cm. The PANDORA Bangle is available in three sizes: Size 17 cm: will fit a wrist that measures be-tween 15 cm and 16 cm, however if you are adding charms then we recommend you choose a size larger.

Generally speaking, the mounting hole of our beads and charms is from 4.5 to 5.5 mm in diameter, but different products may vary in size due to their different designs or functions. If your bracelet’s width/thickness is smaller than that, then our charms can fit your bracelet.

Yes, Pandora type glass beads and charms have core size of 4.5mm threaded core; Pandora beads and charms will fit trollbeads bracelets.

Will this fit a pandora bracelet? The Hole Size is about 4.8mm~5mm.

approximately 2.5 – 3mm
Inside diameter is approximately 2.5 – 3mm, fitting 3mm caprice or snake chain, wire, leather, rubber or silk cord. For help measuring your own jewelry to ensure a precise fit, down to the millimeter, use a slide gauge or digital caliper which also translate into inches.

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