What is the Hawaiian word for blessed?

What is the Hawaiian word for blessed?

While, as in English, there are many ways to say “I love you,” the most common way in Hawaiian to express this wonderful sentiment is, “Aloha au iā ‘oe.”.

Hawaiian doesn’t really have “welcome” so to speak. Simply Aloha should get the job done lol. You may also use E komo mai which is come in or “welcome”. E komo mai nou ka hale is come in, the house is yours or make yourself at home.

Commonly Used Words in Hawaii – Pidgin and Phrases. boddah you – does it bother you. bolo head – bald. braddah – brother. brah – short from of braddah. broke da mouth – very delicious. bumbye – awhile.

Aloha ahiahi Good evening Aloha `auinala Good afternooon Aloha au ia ‘oe – I love you Aloha nui loa – Very much love Aloha `oe Farewell to you Mahalo Thank you A hui hou – Till we meet again A hui hou kakou Until we meet again Kala mai ia’u – Excuse me A`ole pilikia You/re welcome / No problem

The name Njeri is primarily a female name of African – Kikuyu of Kenya origin that means Belongs To A Warrior.

thanks, gratitude
“Mahalo” is a Hawaiian word meaning thanks, gratitude, admiration, praise, esteem, regards, or respects. Also, early visitors noted that the Hawaiians were generous and grateful people, but had no word to express gratitude or to say “thank you”.

Pronounced mah-hah-loh Show your gratitude with the Hawaiin phrase mahalo. If you’re feeling extra grateful, use mahalo nui loa (pronounced mah-hah-loh noo-ee) for ‘thank you very much’.

akua — Pukui-Elbert, Haw to Eng , 1. vs., God, goddess, spirit, ghost, devil, image, idol, corpse; divine, supernatural, godly. Examples: Kona akua, his god.

thanks be to God
Mahalo ke Akua literally means “thanks be to God.” If you’re like me, sometimes I look back at my life and marvel at the fact I even survived.

pōmaika’i: Good fortune, blessedness, blessing, profit, prosperity; prosperous, fortunate, beneficial, blessed, lucky; good luck, improvement (of property), welfare, benefits. Pōmaika’i au, blessed am I.

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