What is the best way to kill ferns?

The short answer is that you really shouldn’t. In fact, in many areas, transplanting ferns from the wild is illegal, and with good reason: Collectors in parts of the globe have succeeded in driving several species to the point of extinction.

A small amount of diluted bleach is usually not enough to kill plants. But excessive amounts of bleach that are rinsed away from your siding can cause a problem. Use a large tarp or plastic sheeting to protect plants during exterior projects.

Glyphosate, a non-selective, systemic herbicide, kills the rhizomes as well as the fronds of many invasive ferns. Choose a day with little wind, and then spray the fern’s fronds liberally with a ready-to-use glyphosate solution.

Will bleach kill ferns?

Dicamba is effective in killing ferns, but will not damage surrounding grasses. Treat ferns with dicamba herbicides in late winter, and follow up with a second treatment in early summer. Use herbicides that contain dicamba in large, open areas only.

Alternatively, if ground is suitable, the ferns could be topped. Alternatively, spot spray the ferns with a Glyphosphate based herbicide such as Roundup or Gallup, using a knapsack sprayer or tractor mounted sprayer with a hose extension. Q.

What weedkiller will kill ferns?

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