What is the address to Hogwarts?

What is the address to Hogwarts?

Is Dumbledore a real name?

The motto of Scotland translates from the Latin as “Nobody touches me and gets away with it” and the motto of Clan Chattan translates from the Scots as “Don’t touch the cat unless you’re wearing a gauntlet”, so “Never tickle a sleeping dragon” is just a wizarding spin on the same theme.

Why should you never tickle a sleeping dragon?

One stamp has Hogwarts castle and the other option is the Hogwarts Express. After you’ve filled out the letter and put a desired recipient along with your official Hogsmeade stamps, take the letter or postcard and place it inside the wood cabinet that says, “Post” and drop inside the slot.

Your Hogwarts Acceptance Letter will arrive addressed specifically to the lucky individual, inside an exclusive Hogwarts Presentation Wallet. The letter features the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry crest and is signed by Professor McGonagall, Professor at Hogwarts and Head of the Gryffindor House.

Where is Hogwarts Castle located in Scotland?

Made from marble-effect paper, Potter’s address – The cupboard under the Stairs, 4, Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey – is printed in green on the front of the envelope. The Hogwarts crest is printed on the reverse.

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