What is pavingstone degeneration?

What is pavingstone degeneration?

Is having a lot of floaters bad?

Do eye drops help floaters?

There is no prevention or cure for lattice degeneration. Symptoms and Diagnostic Testing: Lattice degeneration itself does not cause symptoms, so the only way to diagnose the condition is with a dilated fundus examination by an eye care provider.

Does lattice degeneration go away?

Lattice degeneration is typically treated with laser to strengthen the retina in areas where it is weak. Side effects are reasonably uncommon, but the risk of side effects increases with the amount of lattice and treatment required. Possible side effects include an increase in pupil size in the treated eye.

Pavingstone (cobblestone) degeneration is a peripheral retinal degeneration characterized by multiple rounded, punched-out areas of chorioretinal atrophy with prominent underlying choroidal vessels and pigmented borders (▶ Fig. 44.1).

What is cobblestone degeneration?

What causes cobblestone degeneration?

Pavingstone degeneration is a common degeneration of the peripheral retina that does not predispose to retinal detachment. The choriocapillaris degenerates, with subsequent loss of retinal pigment epithelium.

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