What is New Jersey UI HC WD?

What is New Jersey UI HC WD?

Paid family and medical leave
Paid family and medical leave PFL requires employers and/or employees to pay into a state fund. If an employee needs to take family leave, they receive a portion of their regular wages, which varies by state.

New York Paid Family Leave
On this year’s New York State W-2 in Box 14 there is “NYPFL” which is for New York Paid Family Leave.

Tip. If you have noticed an “SDI” contribution on your W-2, this represents the funds that you have paid into a state disability insurance program. SDI programs provide valuable financial assistance to individuals on a short-term basis who have lost the ability to work due to either a physical or mental disability.

You can take credit on your New Jersey tax return for any excess unemployment insurance (UI)/workforce development partnership fund (WF)/supplemental workforce fund (SWF) contributions, disability insurance (DI) contributions, and/or family leave insurance (FLI) contributions withheld by two or more employers.

Generally, the amount in Box 14 is for informational purposes only; however, some employers use Box 14 to report amounts that should be entered elsewhere on your return. Note. If you have questions regarding the information reported in Box 14, contact the employer that issued the W-2.

In most cases, the information that your employer lists in Box 14 of your W-2 does not affect your income tax return. In fact, for many Box 14 entries, the IRS does not even provide a place for it to get reported on your return forms.

What is DI on my w2?

What is New Jersey SDI tax?

Box 14 — Employers can use this W-2 box to report information like:

Similarly, the FLI, UI/HC/WD, and DI are for unemployment insurance/workforce development partnership fund/supplemental workforce fund contribution or disability insurance contributions, and/or family leave insurance contributions and paid to New Jersey.

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