What is Moteca mean in English?

What is Moteca mean in English?

‘ ” (10) This illustrated that the main character is simply hallucinating because of the anesthesia given to a patient. The main character was never in a jungle with aztecs, he was merely having very strange dreams.

Julio Cortázar
La Noche Boca Arriba/Authors

Task: As you read the short story, take notes on the two PARALLEL PLOTS that emerge throughout this story. The first takes place in the modern world in a hospital after a severe motorcycle accident; the second takes place during an Aztec sacrifice.

And it was all so natural, he had to run from the Aztecs who had set out on their manhunt and his sole chance was to find a place to hide in the deepest part of the forest, taking care not to lose the narrow trail which only they, the Motecas, knew.

What does the black pit represent in the night face up? The black pit represents the road where the man got in accident. The main character’s relief is ultimately ironic from what was expected because he wad relieved that his physical pain were not severe or long lasting.

“In this short story, “The Night Face Up” by Julio Cortazar, the main character, who is nameless, lives two lives where one is reality and one is a dream; there was a motorcycle accident that causes him to hallucinate and believe he is being taken by Aztecs.

It is demonstrated in the book of short stories ‘Final del juego’ (1956) including the three stories that will be outlined here: ‘La noche boca arriba’, ‘Final del juego’ and ‘Continuidad de los parques’. He defines this fantastic literature as “turning one’s back on a reality universally accepted as normal” (2).

Therefore, it is apparent that in both “Continuidad de los Parques,” and “La Noche Boca Arriba,” Cortázar uses magic realism to diminish the difference between the reality and fantasy. In “Continuidad de los Parques,” he makes the fantasy, or the novel, become one with the reality of the person reading the novel.

Asleep after surgery, he dreams that he is in flight from the Aztecs in a ritual war and must stay on a trail known only to the Motecas. He wakes, thirsty and feverish, to find his arm in a plaster cast.

During the sleeps, the protagonist is having dreams. In the dream that he is having, he is a Motecas. Motecas were captured by the Aztecs and were used as a source of sacrifice to the God’s in the War of the Blossom.

Published by Argentinian author Julio Cortázar in 1956,La Noche Boca Arriba describes a man who gets in a motorcycle accident and spends the rest of the plot passing between realities and dreams. In one, he’s a modern man about to get surgery, and in the other, he’s a Motecan man being pursued by Aztecs.

masculine or feminine noun. 1. ( colloquial) (general) (Spain) biker.

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