What is IBA Primerica?

What is IBA Primerica?

Is Wfg better than Primerica?

Primerica Named One of America’s 50 Most Trustworthy Financial Companies. Forbes recently named Primerica one of America’s 50 Most Trustworthy Financial Companies in 2015.

Is Primerica on Forbes list?

Primerica does not have a payroll. You’re an independent agent that work on commissions.

NOT a pyramid scheme Primerica works with companies like Quicken Loans, Invesco and Brighthouse Financial.

Can you make money with Primerica?

New representatives affiliating with Primerica must complete the Independent Business Application (IBA) and pay a one-time fee of $99 in the U.S. or $103.95 (includes applicable taxes) in Canada. New representatives of the Primerica sales force who have questions concerning the IBA fees should refer to their IBA.

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