What is Harrods mission?

What is Harrods mission?

Who is the Chief Marketing Officer of Harrods?

What is Harrods business model?

What’s so special about Harrods?


Marketing Objectives Launching their own products can help Harrods to create new ways of making revenues and enhance the brand itself. In addition, use social media extensively to create awareness of the launch of their new product in order to boost sales and increase the brands online presence.

Harrods | The World’s Leading Luxury Department Store.

The British luxury department stores enjoyed a boost from high-spending tourists looking to take advantage of prices on a weakened pound. In addition, investments in differentiation and customer experience were key to these retailers’ success.

As many lives, generations, cultures and stories pass through our doors, our mission remains unchanged: to service the needs and aspirations of our customers, to create new stories and bring moments of delight.

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