What is Grand Saline known for?

What is Grand Saline known for?

What is there to do in Grand Saline Texas?

Where is Morton salt mined?

Grand Saline is a city in Van Zandt County, Texas, United States, located in East Texas. The town derives its name from the large salt deposits located southeast of the city, the majority of which are owned by Morton Salt. …

Grand Saline
Way Salty. The folks in Grand Saline, between Dallas and Longview near Interstate 20, are about as close to being salt of the earth as you can get. The small town sits atop the largest salt mine in Texas, 3.75 miles wide and 20,000 feet deep.

Grand Saline/Zip codes

What is zip code for Grand Saline?

It is known, because of its extensive salt mines, as the “salt capital of Texas.” The town was called Jordan’s Saline until the arrival of the Texas and Pacific Railway on its route from Marshall to Dallas in 1873.

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