What is German spotlight?

What is German spotlight?

What are DoubleClick tags?

To tag someone, a person should sneak up on a member of the other team and shine the flashlight on them. This person is then out and must go to “jail.” Make sure to quickly shine the light on the person you want to tag and then turn it off immediately.

The object of the game is to put all the players in “jail”, capturing them by identifying them in their hiding spots. Once a player is “jailed” the only way to be freed is for another player to beat the “IT” person to the can and kick it.

What is the object of the game kick the can?

How do you play flashlight tag?

What is the game called Spotlight?

Flashlight tag, also called “Army tag”, “Spotlight”, and “German Spotlight”, is played at night. Rather than physically tagging, the “it” player tags by shining a flashlight beam on other players.

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