What is cubic pricing?

What is cubic pricing?

What is cubic priority mail?

One cubic foot equals 1728 cubic inches. So, to convert from cubic inches to cubic feet you should divide your cubic inches figure by 1728.

How do you convert cubic inches to cubic feet?

having three dimensions; solid. having the form of a cube; cubical. pertaining to the measurement of volume: the cubic contents of a vessel. pertaining to a unit of linear measure that is multiplied by itself twice to form a unit of measure for volume: cubic foot; cubic centimeter; cubic inch; cubic meter.

Priority Mail packages weighing less than 20 pounds and measuring no more than 0.5 cubic feet in volume are eligible for Cubic Pricing as long as you meet the minimum package requirements. USPS Cubic Pricing is a stamps.com specific Shipping Method, this is not accessible via the usps.com API.

How do you calculate cubic price?

What is USPS Cubic Pricing? USPS Cubic Pricing provides high volume shipping customers discounted rates for small, heavy packages. For these packages, customers will pay shipping costs for the actual size of the package and the shipping distance instead of its weight.

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