What is Cline in English and example?

What is Cline in English and example?

Clines can be very effective in conveying and clarifying language, giving a very visual representation of meaning. They highlight shades of meaning, they are efficient and can cut down on teacher talking time. They also provide students with a good record of language to take home.

CLINEis a graded sequence of words whose meanings go across a continuum meaning. blue – low – depressed – miserable – sorrowful. glad – cheerful – delighted – elated – ecstatic. Cline words would fit into the same statement but each would have a different meaning.

What are clines? In anthropology we talk about clinal variation. Cline is a term that was devised by the biologist Julian Huxley to represent a geographical gradient in a particular trait across a species.

In biology, a cline (from the Greek κλίνειν klinein, meaning “to lean”) is a measurable gradient in a single character (or biological trait) of a species across its geographical range. …

Clines are gradients used to help learners refine their knowledge of words describing a similar attribute, or shades of meaning. They are used to support the teaching of modality in writing. Any group of words which might be placed in order are spaced along the gradient.

In biology, a cline, or ‘ecocline’, describes a series of connected populations in a species. These populations show a continuous gradient of traits and genetics. He defined a cline as a species whose members fall into a series of sub-species with continuous change in characters over a geographical area. …

What is an example of cline?

Activity: word clines

A cline is the specific set of traits in a population of a given species that have been influenced by the local environment. For example, a population of warm-blooded animals that lived in a cooler climate closer to the North Pole would have larger bodies, allowing them to better conserve heat.

ACTIVITY – WORD CLINE A word cline is a graded sequence of words whose meanings span across a continuum of meanings on a sloping line. This activity expands students’ vocabulary and to discover shades of meaning between words. It is a great way to introduce language embedded within a genre.

A cline is a scale of language items that goes from one extreme to another, for example, from positive to negative, or from weak to strong.

A word cline is a scale of language items that goes from one extreme to another. For example, when talking about temperature we can choose from a range of words: freezing, cold, cool, warm, hot, boiling.

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