What is BBG mean?

What is BBG mean?

What does the word BBG mean?

How many days a week is BBG workout?


Each BBG workout session is broken down into two seven-minute circuits, and each circuit consists of four exercises—you complete circuit one as many times as you can in seven minutes, then rest for 30 to 90 seconds and do the same with circuit two. You repeat the whole thing, for a total of 28 minutes.

Kayla’s BBG Beginner program is eight weeks of low-impact sweat sessions. Each week, you’ll have one lower-body and one full-body resistance session (note: the upper-body day that is optional in the first six weeks will become recommended in the last two).

the Sweat with Kayla Community
The BBG Community is now called the Sweat with Kayla Community. It was originally created by amazing women all over the world who were using BBG, providing support and motivation for each other on their journey! I am so proud of everything that this community has become.

“Better Be Going” is the most common definition for BBG on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

beautiful baby girl
BBG is an acronym that means beautiful baby girl. better be going—a neutral, polite way to end a conversation that might otherwise continue.

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