What is an FXB file?

What is an FXB file?

In the instrument panel window click on the down arrow in the top LEFT corner. In the drop down menu click IMPORT VST BANK/PRESET. It will then open up a folder on your HD where you(hopefully) put the fxb/fxp for said synth

To get Serum up and running in Ableton you need to check Ableton’s AU/VST settings. Make sure “Use AudioUnits/VST” are all checked and hit Rescan. Windows users will only have the option “VST Plugin Custom Folder”, manually navigate to the location you installed Serum

. fxp are presets for VST, it is not a Live file format. You can load them in the plugin itself, or clicking the “Load Preset or Bank” button in the device (round button that has a folder icon) for the few plugins that don’t have a preset browser.

Convert . fxp to . fxb ?

A file with the FXB file extension is an FX Bank file used with VST-compatible (Virtual Studio Technology) software to store effect presets, often called patches. Single preset files are saved as . FXP (FX Preset) files.

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