What is Albothyl used for?

What is Albothyl used for?

Can I use boric acid on period?

Categories: Minerals Other ways in which boric acid also works as a product stabilizer include pH adjusters, emulsifiers, buffers, and viscosifiers 2 With its prominent role in skincare formulations, studies show boric acid to possess very low skin absorption, which makes it safe for topical application.

Vaginal boric acid is for use only in the vagina. Do not use this medicine if you have open sores, wounds, or ulcerations in your vaginal area. The usual dosage of vaginal boric acid is 1 suppository inserted into the vagina once per day, for 3 to 6 days in a row. Follow your doctor’s dosing instructions.

Using boric acid suppositories as labeled is generally safe. Side effects are mild and may include vaginal irritation and discharge. No serious side effects or deaths have been reported. Boric acid is toxic when ingested by mouth, though.

What is Policresulen used for?

Albothyl vaginal suppositories are a drug from the group of gynecological anti-infective medications and antiseptics. They are used in the treatment of cervical erosion, vaginal and cervical vaginitis (an inflammation of the vagina), cervicitis, bacterial vaginosis (common vaginal infection).

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