What is a rst triangle?

What is a rst triangle?

The vertex of an inscribed angle can be anywhere on the circle as long as its sides intersect the circle to form an intercepted arc. Inscribed angles that intercept the same arc are congruent. This is called the Congruent Inscribed Angles Theorem and is shown below.

Therefore, measure of RST is 64 degrees and option A is the correct choice.

Likewise, people ask, what is the measure of angle rst 94? Then the measure of arc RST is 94° +96° = 190°.

what is the measure of ∠RST?

The measure of angle RST is 100°.

What is the measure of RST 162?

Triangle RST is isosceles means that two of its angles are equal. (1) The measure of angle T is 100 degrees –> since no other angle can be equal to 100 degrees (because in this case the sum of the angles will be more than 180 degrees) then the other two angles, R and S, are equal: R=(180-100)/2=40.

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