What is a ring stand in a lab?

What is a ring stand in a lab?

Use lab stands to elevate various pieces of lab equipment, usually glassware. They’re also sometimes called a support stand, retort stand, and clamp stand. With a support stand and clamp, you can easily set up any chemistry or physics experiment that requires raising one object above another.

Order one sturdy ring stand and other apparatus as needed. The 3″ or 4″ ring support will hold beakers or crucibles over a burner and the clamps hold anything from a burette tube to thermometer. We also sell alcohol lamps that fit these stands.

dictionary thesaurus. noun. : a metal stand consisting of a long upright rod attached to a heavy rectangular base that is used with rings and clamps for supporting laboratory apparatus.

Ring stands are a type of lab stand and are actually one of the most versatile pieces of lab equipment. An adjustable rod connects to a sturdy base (often made of cast steel) to support a clamp. Use lab stands to elevate various pieces of lab equipment, usually glassware.

What is a ring clamp used for in chemistry?

Wire gauze is an important piece of supporting equipment in a laboratory as glassware cannot be heated directly with the flame of a Bunsen burner, and requires the use of a wire gauze to diffuse the heat, helping to protect the glassware. Glassware has to be flat-bottomed to stay on the wire gauze.

Iron rings are commonly used in chemistry laboratories for supporting apparatus above the work surface, for example: a tapered item such as a filter funnel or separatory funnel. a clay triangle, which itself supports an item such as a crucible.

Noun. ring stand (plural ring stands) (chemistry) An item of laboratory equipment consisting of a metal pole with a solid, firm base, used to hold or clamp laboratory glassware and other equipment in place, so that it does not fall down or come apart.

Ring stands are used to hold glassware in place during an experimental procedure. You can attach ring clamps, versatile clamps, or 3-prong clamps (the latter require clamp holders).

A ring stand (also known as a retort stand, or a clamp stand) is the unsung hero at the heart of every lab. Our ring stand is a sturdy piece of scientific equipment that clamps and other fragile equipment (such as glassware) can be attached to.

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