What is a Mruna?

What is a Mruna?

Why does Atticus sit in front of the jail at night?

“the courthouse and jailhouse news simply by looking out his upstairs window.” His office window looks directly out at the jail where the mob has gathered. After the mob disperses, Mr. Underwood tells Atticus that he had him “covered all the time.” In some senses, Scout also “covers” Atticus.

In To Kill a Mockingbird, Jem says that Scout is getting more like a girl as a way to insult his sister and label her a coward. The children view being a girl as a negative thing, because they perceive women as timid, passive, and boring. Scout, who is a tomboy, takes offense to being called a girl.

Mrs. Merriweather is a hypocrite because she can sit and talk a good judgmental game, but she will never actually get out among those she claims to help and actually help them. For example, she wants Mr. Everett to tell Reverend Sykes to encourage Helen to lead a Christian life.

Was J Grimes Everett a real person?

The Mrunas are a tribe of people that the missionary circle is trying to civilize and Christianize, under the leadership of a Methodist minister named J. Grimes Everett. Although it is not directly stated where the Mrunas live, several clues indicate that they are an African tribe.

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