What is a mandrake in the Bible?

What is a mandrake in the Bible?

What part of the mandrake is fatal?

Can Mandrake get you high?

Is Mandrake illegal in the US?

Whole Mandragora is a rare commodity and there is no commercial source. They are solitary, slow-growing plants that yield a single root. We’ve seen Mandrake roots listed for hundreds, even thousands of dollars on eBay, usually shipping from Israel or Greece.

Mandrake is uncontrolled in the United States. This means all parts of the plant and its extracts are legal to cultivate, buy, possess, and distribute (sell, trade or give) without a license or prescription. If sold as a supplement, sales must conform to U.S. supplement laws.

What is mandrake used for?

Mandrake (Mandragora officinaruim), nearly forgotten today, is one of the most famous plants known to humanity. Mandrake is mentioned in the Bible (Gen. 30:14-16) and its Biblical use is generally attributed to its supposed fertility power.

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