What is a Kenning for school?

What is a Kenning for school?

An idiom is a figure of speech that means something different than a literal translation of the words would lead one to believe.

Kenning is used as a poetic device, and its function in poetry is to describe something in alternative ways, in order to provide a richer and different meaning.

Kenning, concise compound or figurative phrase replacing a common noun, especially in Old Germanic, Old Norse, and Old English poetry. A kenning is commonly a simple stock compound such as “whale-path” or “swan road” for “sea,” “God’s beacon” for “sun,” or “ring-giver” for “king.” Kenning. Figure of speech.

What is a Kenning poem example?

Kennings are phrases of two words that replace a noun in poetry, often found in Anglo-Saxon and Norse poems. We explore kennings in poetry for primary school students. Kennings are a type of poem and like a riddle.

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