What is a crosswise fold?

What is a crosswise fold?

What are folds in fabric called?

Filters. (slang, idiomatic) To fart.

When half of a pattern piece is drawn with a broken line (piece 3 in layout B), it means that the piece is a half-pattern, to be cut on a fold.

It means you fold the fabric in half along the grain line and line up the “place on fold” edge of the pattern to match the folded edge of your fabric. Cut both layers together, being careful there is enough fabric underneath so that when you unfold your cut piece you have a full panel.

What does it mean to cut on fold?

Crosswise fold. For a crosswise fold, fabric is usually folded so the cut ends match. However, a crosswise fold can also be a partial fold. A crosswise fold is often used when pattern pieces are too wide to fit on fabric folded lengthwise.

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