What happened to subway R&B group?

What happened to subway R&B group?

Who died in the group intro?

LSG1997 – 2003GQBlack Men United
Keith Sweat/Music groups

What band was Keith Sweat in?

Boyz II Men
Since the early 1990s, Boyz II Men has firmly established itself as the most successful R&B group of all time with four GRAMMY Awards, five No. 1 Hits, 50 weeks at No. 1, and 60 million albums sold – and counting.

A rift between their independent label, Blitzz Records, and their major label, Atlantic Records, led to the group leaving Atlantic Records as well as Blitzz Records after the release of the album On and On in 1999. The shift in labels left the group in limbo for a few years as they contemplated their next move.

Why did 112 break up?

Subway, was an American vocal group, which featured Keith Thomas and his brother Trerail Puckett, and their close friends, Eric McNeal and Roy Jones. Subway later released a single, “I’ll Make Your Dreams Come True”, which was featured on the Kazaam soundtrack. However shortly after this, they disbanded.

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