What happened to Mitch from Mary Mary?

What happened to Mitch from Mary Mary?

What is the Clark Sisters net worth?

“I will say this, we are not breaking up,” said Erica Atkins-Campbell. “But we’re taking a break. I’m going to do some solo music. Unfortunately, because they are taking time apart so Erica can work on solo music to be released this year, there will be no new Mary Mary album.

Solarek states that he secured Mary Mary deals amounting to $3 million dollars, but was terminated as their manager and also had commissions worth $75,000 withheld. TMZ.com reports that Solarek is suing due to Breach of Contract and is requesting full amount in damages and loss of potential commissions.

Sisters Erica and Tina Campbell mourn the loss of their father, Eddie A. Atkins Jr., who died of cancer Tuesday. The father of eight, appeared on his daughters’ hit WEtv reality series, Mary Mary, where he attended one of his daughter’s wedding and came up in conversation several times about marriage and family.

How much is Erica of Mary Mary Worth?

Mary Mary sued by former manager Mitchell Solarek, Says he was short-changed after publicly getting fired on reality show. According to papers filed in a federal court in Tennessee, Solarek says Max Art signed a deal with the group in 2011 that would have Mitchell Solarek serve as their manager.

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