What happened to Fred White of EWF?

What happened to Fred White of EWF?

Who was the sheriff of Tombstone in 1883?

Did Virgil Earp lose an arm?

Philip Bailey thrilled audiences across the world as a member of Earth, Wind & Fire, but very few knew about his complicated personal life. Bailey was married to Krystal Johnson, and they share a son, Jaylen.

Krystal Baileym. 2002–2010
Janet Baileym. 1970–2001Valerie Bailey
Philip Bailey/Wife

Verdine White lives in Los Angeles in a house built in 1919, with his wife of 40 years Shelly Clark. He is the younger half-brother of Earth, Wind, and Fire band founder Maurice White and older brother of drummer Fred White and bassist Monte White (October 16, 1953 – April 21, 2020).

Is Verdine White Maurice White’s brother?

Fred White was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as the band’s percussionist, but he retired in 1984 and remains inactive today. He is the brother of Verdine White and the half-brother of the band’s founder, Maurice White.

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