What happened to Chris Maitland?

What happened to Chris Maitland?

Where is Supertramp from?

53 years (November 3, 1967)
Steven Wilson/Age

“So it was more of an issue of what I felt I couldn’t bring to the band as a writer. And I felt towards the end in particularly, the band’s sound became more narrow, and that’s really why I made the decision [to end Porcupine Tree].”

Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom
Porcupine Tree/Origin

Announcement of Chris’ departure on the band’s website in early 2002: “Porcupine Tree’s long-term drummer, Chris Maitland, ceased to be a member of the band in February for personal reasons. The band have been working on their new album with drummer Gavin Harrison.

He remained the band’s drummer until February 2002, when he was dismissed and replaced by Gavin Harrison. He played on the debut album by Blackfield in 2003, sharing drumming duties with Gavin Harrison. Harrison has described Maitland as a great drummer….Discography.

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