What happened to BJ Honeycutt on MASH?

What happened to BJ Honeycutt on MASH?

M*A*S*H – Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

Swit appeared in all but 11 episodes of the series. Klinger reveals to have an Uncle Jameel, referencing Jamie Farr’s birth name: Jameel Joseph Farah. Ironically, the idea to have Klinger voluntarily stay in Korea in the final episode was suggested by Jamie Farr himself.

Farr played Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger, an Arab American orderly from Toledo, Ohio, who was desperate to get out of the army. Klinger hit upon the idea of dressing in women’s clothes to prove that he was mentally unfit, a sure ticket back to the U.S., he thought.

Why does the guy in mash wear a dress?

He is best known for playing the cross-dressing corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger in the CBS television sitcom M*A*S*H….

Mike Farrell is best friends with Alan Alda and no stranger to Hollywood stars. Heck, he attended West Hollywood Grammar School with the likes of Natalie Wood and Ricky Nelson.

Did trapper die on MASH?

Shortly after B.J. leaves, Hawkeye returns to camp only to find out that B.J. is gone, and while Hawkeye is upset over his departure, he is even more so because of the fact that B.J. left in the exact same way that Trapper John did: without closure- to wit, going home without leaving so much as a goodbye note.

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