What figurative language is gazing grain?

What figurative language is gazing grain?

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To gaze is to look steadily and intently at something, especially at that which excites admiration, curiosity, or interest: to gaze at scenery, at a scientific experiment. To stare is to gaze with eyes wide open, as from surprise, wonder, alarm, stupidity, or impertinence: to stare unbelievingly or rudely.

What does gazing grain mean?

The drive symbolizes her leaving life. She progresses from childhood, maturity (the “gazing grain” is ripe) and the setting (dying) sun to her grave. The children are presented as active in their leisure (“strove”). They are “passing” by the children and grain, both still part of life.

The narrator of the poem is dead and is travelling to her final resting place. Death appears personified in this poem as a courtly beau who gently insists that the speaker put aside both “labor” and “leisure.” Death stops and picks up the person because no one wants to meet death.

What is the meaning of the poem because I could not stop for death?

Fields of Gazing Grain is a symbol for adulthood or the long middle part of life. And the setting sun contributes to old age or near death. Besides symbolism, We passed the Fields of Gazing Grain involves personification and visual image.

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