What engines will fit in a Jeep Wrangler?

What engines will fit in a Jeep Wrangler?

$3500-$4000 for a real chevy V8 LS1/x. If your interested in an automatic, you can use the entire ford motor, tranny, and X-case for a really nice driveline upgrade. May as well use the 8.8 at that point too. I’ve told my wife next jeep I buy will be another TJ with no driveline, just a tub, frame, and maybe steering.

If you upgrade your Dana 35 to a super 35 (beefier 30-spline axles shafts), it would handle the V8 power just fine too.

The 302 is the easiest swap IMO. You have the benefit of the front distributor and it weighs about the same as the jeep I6 motors.

Can you put a V8 engine in a Jeep Wrangler?

See all 8 photos The hottest and certainly most powerful Jeep V-8 engine swap options today are the Hemi V-8 engines. Of the numerous versions of the new-generation Hemi engines, one of the most popular choices for making is the Hemi V-8 Hellcat.

Factory Engines The YJ was released with two available engines; one being the AMC 2.5L, four-cylinder with 105 hp. This was AMC’s newly designed and released engine, whereas they had used the GM 151 Iron Duke four-cylinder in previous Jeeps.

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