What ecu is a P06?

What ecu is a P06?

What car does a P28 ecu come out of?

Is a P75 ecu vtec?

p2p= 96-98 ej8 vtec ecu.

Is a p2p ecu vtec?

A P28 ECU won’t run a B18B engine in its stock form. It will a B18B with a custom tuned map with the VTEC circuit turned off or disabled.

a p28 is a Honda obd1 ECU, then it is “chipped” by a company or tuner, allowing you to tune and add features to your honda ecu.

What does a P28 ecu do?

Is a P06 ecu VTEC?

P06=non-vtec. P28=vtec. You can convert a P06 ECU to run just like a P28 ECU though. If it’s not converted, it won’t activate the vtec solenoid though. If you bought the ECU from a legit source, then you can basically assume its just a converted ECU and not care.

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