What does Why you trippin mean?

What does Why you trippin mean?

What does Trippin mug mean in Urban Dictionary?

What does it mean when someone says why you trippin?

Why are you Cappin?

What is another word for tripping?

Tripping” is an English slang word as well. It means that you have a problem or someone is worrying too much. ” Ain’t tripping” are English slang words. Together they mean there’s no problem or that their not worried about it.

When a person says they are “tripping,” it means they are experiencing the effects of hallucinogens. Hallucinogens are psychoactive (mind-altering) drugs that significantly alter our senses and perceptions. Some common ones are magic mushrooms, LSD and ecstasy.

It’s American slang. It means something like ‘(What you said/What you did) is really making me think’ or ‘You’ve confused me’, ‘You’ve surprised me’

“why you trippin” is a slang term meaning “why are you upset” or “why are you overreacting”. ” trippin” could mean a few things based on context but usually it means something like “overreacting”.

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