What does Wackala mean?

What does Wackala mean?

Does guacamole mean something?

What does avocado emoji mean?

Kerfuffle is a humorous-sounding word for a mostly non-humorous situation: some kind of disturbance, scandal or mess. However, a kerfuffle usually isn’t 100% serious. People talking loudly in public could be making a kerfuffle.

Is kerfuffle a real word?

: pureed or mashed avocado seasoned with condiments.

disturbance or commotion
: a disturbance or commotion typically caused by a dispute or conflict In all the kerfuffle, nobody seemed to have noticed Harry, which suited him perfectly.—

What does kerfuffle mean?

What do you mean by stimulating?

Wacala is a Spanish expression common among Latin-Americans used to express extreme disgust , kind of like “YUCK !” “NASTY!” “EWWW !” “FOUL!”

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