What does torta mean in Spanish slang?

What does torta mean in Spanish slang?

This flourless chocolate cake is delicious and indulgent without all the refined flour, white sugar and processed ingredients used in most chocolate cakes, making it a much healthier, yet still indulgent dessert to satisfy our chocolate cravings.

The 3 classification of cakes are the following:  Shortened type cakes or conventional  Un-shortened type of cakes or foam type  Chiffon type of cakes 3. The kind of shortening used in shortened type cake is solid fat/shortening but it should be only butter and margarine.

In many Latin American countries “torta” means cake, as in sweet flour confection possibly with some kind of frosting, frequently consumed at birtday parties. However, in Mexico, “torta” is a kind of sandwich. A “torta” is a cake without frosting. A pastel has frosting and it is well decorated.

What makes a torta a torta?

As far as I know, torta is widely understood to mean cake. The definition for torta in English also lists torta as meaning sandwich in Mexico.

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