What does the slang word twisted mean?

What does the slang word twisted mean?

Why did the people ” get it twisted ” about Jesus?

Twist sentence example

Twist is defined as to turn around from one side to the other. An example of to twist is turning from the left to the right at the waist.

It’s a method a describing something with an intentionally added major impurity. For example you order a cocktail with a twist, you get a cocktail with some orange peel in it. A twist is a piece of citrus zest used as a cocktail garnish.

Comment. I think having a “twisted soul” means to be confused about sth, e.g. about a decision or an attitude. The soul is unbalanced.

“Got twisted over you” seems to be a version of “I’m all bent out of shape over you” which basically means that person has been really affected by “you” or infact that he likes the other person very much.

twisted adjective (BENT)

Synonyms. crooked. the crooked line of his broken nose. contorted. lopsided.

​informalsomeone who is twisted or has a twisted mind behaves in a strange and cruel way. Synonyms and related words. Cruel and unkind. cruel.

Meaning of YOU GOT ME TWISTED in English. You’ve mistaken me for someone else or It wasn’t me. A response to a teacher or classmate when they blame something on you and you know you didn’t do it. Example: Teacher: Why did you do that? Student: You got me twisted.

If you describe a person as twisted, you dislike them because you think they are bad or mentally unbalanced. [disapproval] …a twisted man who shot at the president. Synonyms: perverted, sick [informal], evil, corrupt More Synonyms of twisted.

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