What does the Palette of Narmer symbolize?

What does the Palette of Narmer symbolize?

What is the motif of the King Narmer Palette?

What does the palette of Narmer represent what is it made of where is it from and what was it used for?

James E. Quibell
The Palette, which has survived five millennia in almost perfect condition, was discovered by British archeologists James E. Quibell and Frederick W….

The beautifully carved palette, 63.5 cm (more than 2 feet) in height and made of smooth greyish-green siltstone, is decorated on both faces with detailed low relief.

The Narmer Palette was discovered in 1898 by James Quibell and Frederick Green. It was found with a collection of other objects that had been used for ceremonial purposes and then ritually buried within the temple at Hierakonpolis.

How does the Palette of King Narmer describe the unification of ancient Egypt? It presents Narmer larger than life on both sides of the palette. The entwined necks of the two feline creatures perhaps represent the unification of Egypt itself under the order of Narmer.

What helps to distinguish the Palette of Narmer as a ceremonial object? Registers.

The Palette of Narmer becomes a political document recording the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt. It also presents an early blueprint for the canon or system of proportions in Egyptian figural representation.

The “Main Deposit” at Hierakonpolis, where the Narmer Palette was discovered, contained many hundreds of objects, including a number of large relief-covered ceremonial mace-heads, ivory statuettes, carved knife handles, figurines of scorpions and other animals, stone vessels, and a second elaborately decorated palette …

This object depicts the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt into the “Kingdom of the Two Lands” under the divine king. This object is a ceremonial palette used in the ritual of mixing and applying the King’s eye makeup.

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