What does the National Assembly create?

What does the National Assembly create?

How did the National Assembly come into being?

What were the goals of the National Assembly?

What major reforms did the National Assembly introduce? They made a new constitution in 1791 and it took away a lot of the kings power and made the legislative assembly have more power. It made significant changes in France. They created three groups, radical, moderate and conservative.

The main aim of the National Assembly was to form a constitutional monarchy and to curb the powers of the church and nobility.

The National Assembly played a major role in the French Revolution. It represented the common people of France (also called the Third Estate) and demanded that the king make economic reforms to insure that the people had food to eat.

The gabelle and nearly all indirect taxes were abolished. The direct tax of the taille was replaced by a new tax on land and property. Free trade in grain was introduced.

The Constitution of 1791 This document, unwillingly signed by King Louis XVI, created a constitutional monarchy in France. Redefining the organization of the French government, citizenship and the limits to the powers of government, the National Assembly set out to represent the interests of the general will.

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