What does suppressed premise mean?

What does suppressed premise mean?

Can an invalid argument have all true premises and a true conclusion?

TRUE: If an argument is sound, then it is valid and has all true premises. Since it is valid, the argument is such that if all the premises are true, then the conclusion must be true. A sound argument really does have all true premises so it does actually follow that its conclusion must be true.

How do you determine if a premise is true?

A hidden premise is a premise that is required in order to reach the stated conclusion, but is not itself stated clearly in the argument. Consider the following: “My bag of candy is better than yours, because mine has more red pieces”. This is not a valid argument as written, what is wrong with it?

Implicit premises are the unstated claims or unstated assumptions of the argument. We mentally noted that with this assumption the argument would be deductively valid, and so we used the principle of charity and said this is what she must have been assuming. Of course, we could be wrong.

Can a premise be valid or invalid?

When the part of an argument that is missing is a premise, we call that statement a ‘suppressed premise’. The argument in standard form, including the suppressed premise, is: P1 Everybody loves a winner. P2 [I’m not a winner.] Therefore, C Nobody loves me.

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