What does serote mean in Spanish?

What does serote mean in Spanish?

Four Nordic countries ranked among the five happiest places to live with Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway following Finland. The next five in the list are Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand, Austria and Luxembourg.

10 Most Politically Stable Countries, Ranked by Perception

Parts of Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala see high crime rates and gang activity, but most violent crimes take place in what’s called the “northern triangle,” consisting of the latter three countries.

On top of the numerical zones, the city’s Zone 10 is also called Zona Viva — the “lively zone” jammed with hotels and bars and nightclubs — and the poorest and most dangerous spots get branded una zona roja (a red zone).

What is the most practiced religion in Guatemala?

Cerote is the definition for a piece of shit, but if you are in Guatemala, for instance, cerote could be a friendly way to say that you did something wrong or impolite, for example: Cerote, esa era mi cerveza / Man, that was my beer.

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