What does NVM mean in Spanish?

What does NVM mean in Spanish?

Is it correct to say no worries?

Like ‘You’re welcome’, ‘No worries’ is a formula that has a social function, used as a polite response to ‘Thank you’. No worries is a more casual reply when someone wants to say to you “That’s all right”.

Is it polite to say no worries?

What is the opposite of never mind?


“Never mind.” means “I don’t really know how to explain this in a way you’ll understand.” “Nothing.” means “Something, but I’m going to test you to see how you react.” “So, who is she?” means “Okay, I’m trying really hard to not sound jealous, but I’m actually severely concerned.”

Is it rude to say Nevermind?

Translations for non volatile memory nvm in the Spanish»English Dictionary.

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