What does no recoil mean?

What does no recoil mean?


Groza. As one of the fastest firing assault rifles in Warzone, the Groza will win most 1v1 confrontations with ease.

Activision / Infinity Ward The Bruen may not be meta, but it is still a great option. Nick’s Bruen loadout is tailored towards completely removing the gun’s recoil, while also enhancing its range potential. First up is the Monolithic Suppressor, which gives the Bruen increased damage range and sound suppression.

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What is the best LMG in real life?

Kilo 141

Infinity Ward CoD players like Swagg have claimed that Warzone’s FOV settings can affect recoil in-game. In his October 24 upload, Swagg revealed that having the “Affected FOV” setting enabled makes it seem as if the AMAX has little to no recoil.

Why does Swagg have no recoil?

What is no recoil in PUBG?

No Recoil is a hack in Combat Arms that makes the hacker’s guns have no recoil. It usually is combined with Chams or No Spread. No recoil stops the movement of thecrosshair , so recoil is not displayed on the screen.

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