What does NH mean in pay scale?

What does NH mean in pay scale?

What is the NH PayScale?

How do FAA pay bands work?

What is an NH?

What is a government NH position?


The ammonium cation is a positively charged polyatomic ion with the chemical formula NH + 4.

Pay Bands are a type of pay scale designed to provide more flexibility regarding how much employees are paid. The goal of Pay Banding is to give supervisors the ability to reward performance more. In the GS scale, pay is based education and experience.

Redstone Arsenal, Al: Position will be filled at the NH-04 Medium starting salary of $112,548 to $155,853.

The NH-03 pay band goes up to a GS-13/Step 10, meaning that if you are in an NH-03 position, you will become a GS-13 equivalent non-competitively. If your current position as a GS-12 does not ladder to a 13, you will have to compete for a GS-13.

Trey: the NH payscale is just a payband for acq coded personel. Basically one of the ways the gov’t tried rewarding performance by giving managers flexibility increasing pay. Most places are phasing out non GS pay schedules though. If that happens the person is converted to an equivilant pay in the GS system.

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