What does nether ye mean?

What does nether ye mean?

What does it mean that this Manciple could wipe their eye?

Why does the narrator admire the Manciple?

While we don’t get a physical description of the Manciple in the General Prologue or his own prologue, a painting in the Ellesmere manuscript (an illustrated medieval manuscript of the Canterbury Tales) depicts him as a rosy-skinned man with light brown hair and beard. He wears blue robes and has a red cap.

What does the Manciple look like?

Millers. Millers were very important to the medieval culture. They ground the grain that was brought to them by the citizens of the town (below). They would grind the grain into flour to make bread.

Chaucer clearly paints the miller with many negative characteristics: he steals grain from his customers and overcharges them, he interrupts others to tell his tale which the narrator presents as inappropriate and offensive, and Chaucer’s description in the general prologue paints him as gross and brutish.

What does Chaucer think of the Miller?

What is the plot of The Miller’s Tale?

I found the definition in the urban dictionary) If you look up the old english pronounciations of Chaucer’s time, the nether “eye” was the vagina, and the e at the end of eye was pronounced. So it would come out nether eh-ya, which when said together sounds much like nether yaya.

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