What does MSMA kill?

What does MSMA kill?

Is MSMA a restricted use herbicide?

Is MSMA harmful to humans?

The main selective weed killer for Bermuda is MSMA or DSMA. These arsenicals are good on grassy weeds and smutgrass. They can be tank- mixed with metribuzin or 2,4-D if broader control is necessary. To improve control and minimize Bermuda discoloration, repeat applications at the lowest recommended rate are necessary.

Is MSMA banned?

I advise no mowing for 24 hours before and 24 afterwards with other chemicals, however, more leaf coverage is needed for most post emerge herbicides. wait 24 hours after spraying then mow.

When to Apply. Herbicides containing MSMA are most effectively applied when grassy weeds such as crab grass and Dallis grass have emerged in the early spring and are actively growing. Repeat applications may be required through the late spring and summer.

Why was MSMA banned?

of Monosodium acid methanearsonate (MSMA) per gallon. It is effective against hard-to-control weeds and grasses such as barnyardgrass, chickweed, wood sorrel, cocklebur, ragweed, sandbur, puncture vine, dallisgrass, bahiagrass, nutsedge, including those glyphosate resistant weeds.

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